San Francisco With further than 18,000 fans existing on their feet, Steph Curry provide each and every one of them being to cheer almost Monday night at Chase inside

The final result was a 116-113 Warriors success above the Sacramento Kings

The final Golden State's five-game falling band and offering them seven straight victories on their Northern California adversary

For the umpteenth time in his profession, Curry actually chosen the Warriors to a success bottom an electric 47-point act

He initiated the game red-hot, and then just got improved as it went on

One thing was for definite coming the Warriors' 0-5 road trip

The largest was the reality that Anthony Lamb was one of the earlier players off the seat

Of all the changes, the largest was how the Warriors initiated the second half

There wasn't a form Curry was going to approve the Warriors lose this game

Man act all he could to last the Warriors' five-game losing band