The United States has announced plans to send hundreds of armored vehicles and rockets to Ukraine as part of a military aid package. 

This move is seen as a show of support for Ukraine, which has been in a ongoing conflict with Russia since 2014.

The aid package, which is worth over $200 million, includes M1151A1B1 armored vehicles and Javelin anti-tank missiles. 

The armored vehicles will be used to transport Ukrainian troops and equipment, while the missiles will provide Ukraine with a much-needed defense against Russian tanks.

The decision to send military aid to Ukraine has been met with mixed reactions. 

Some have praised the move as a necessary step to protect Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, while others have criticized it as a provocation that could further escalate the conflict.

The United States has been a vocal supporter of Ukraine since the conflict began, providing both economic and military assistance. 

This latest aid package is the largest of its kind and is expected to be a significant boost to Ukraine's military capabilities.

The move by the US is also seen as a signal to Russia and other countries in the region that the US will not tolerate aggressive actions against its allies.

The U.S. has emphasized that the aid is purely defensive in nature and it does not mean that the U.S. will intervene in the ongoing conflict. 

The aid package is expected to be delivered in the coming months and will be distributed among various Ukrainian military units.

This move also brings a new level of attention to the conflict in Ukraine, it can be expected that other countries may also consider providing military aid to Ukraine as well.