The United States and Germany are preparing to send tanks to Ukraine in response to Kyiv's calls for assistance in their ongoing conflict with Russia. 

The move is seen as a show of support for Ukraine and a signal to Russia that the international community will not stand idly by as Moscow continues to violate Ukraine's sovereignty.

The tanks, which will be provided by the U.S. and Germany, will be used to bolster Ukraine's military capabilities and help them defend against Russian aggression. 

The decision to send tanks has been met with praise from Ukrainian officials, who have long called for more support from the international community.

The move also reflects growing concern in the West over Russia's actions in Ukraine. 

Moscow's annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its ongoing support for separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine have destabilized the region and sparked international condemnation.

The United States and Germany are not the only countries to have sent military aid to Ukraine. 

-Canada, Poland, and Lithuania have also provided aid in the form of weapons, ammunition, and other military equipment.

The tanks will be sent as a part of a wider package of military aid to Ukraine, which also includes training for Ukrainian soldiers and the provision of other military equipment. 

The package is designed to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression and restore stability to the region.