Two papers marked as "secret" were found in former President Trump's storage unit last year, according to a recent report.

The papers, which were discovered during a routine inventory check, were immediately turned over to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

The contents of the papers have not been made public, but sources close to the investigation have stated that they appear to be related to national security. 

The discovery of the papers has raised questions about why they were in Trump's possession and whether they were properly handled and protected.

The discovery of the papers has sparked an investigation by the Department of Justice to determine the origin of the documents and how they ended up in Trump's possession.

The investigation is also looking into whether there were any breaches of security protocols related to the handling and storage of classified information.

The investigation is being led by the FBI's Counterintelligence Division and is being treated as a high priority due to the sensitive nature of the documents.

If any violations are found, it could lead to criminal charges against those involved.

The revelation of the papers also raises concerns about the handling of classified information during the Trump Administration. 

It is unknown at this time whether the papers were related to any decisions or actions taken by the former President or members of his administration.