T. J. Hockenson was born on 03 July 1997

T. J. Hockenson is a Popular American football compact end

T. J. Hockenson has obtain more fame and earned a reasonable amount of money from his career

As of 2022, T. J. Hockenson has an approximate net price of $1.5 million

He has assembled his million-dollar authority via his profession

He was called earlier-Team All-union

In 2016 rated as one of the biggest-rated enlist in the union of Iowa

On 14 January 2019, Hockenson declared along Twitter that he will be leaving school immediate to announce for the 2019 NFL version

On May 19th he registered a four-year accord with the Lions price $19 million

On 01 Novembe 2022, Hockenson was alternated to the Minnesota Vikings