The Serbian armed force says it is at its "most elevated level of battle availability" following quite a while of heightening strains among Serbia and Kosovo.

President Aleksandar Vucic says he will "go to all lengths to safeguard our kin and protect Serbia".

The saber-shaking is stronger than at any other time and follows media guarantees that Pristina is setting up "an assault" on ethnic Serb regions in north Kosovo.

The public authority in Pristina has offered no remark about the charges.

However it has recently blamed Mr Vucic for playing "games" to create mischief.

The European Association has been endeavoring to intercede.

Kosovo: Why is inconvenience erupting once more?

Serbia won't perceive Kosovo as a free state.

Nato, which has peacekeeping soldiers in Kosovo, hosts approached all gatherings to keep away from incitements.

 The EU has cautioned it won't endure assaults on EU police or criminal demonstrations.