Serbia put its military on "the most elevated level" of caution, Protection Clergyman Milos Vucevic said late Monday, after a shooting occurrence in northern Kosovo.

Serbia and Kosovo have been in constant disagreement by and by after Kosovo moved to boycott Serbian tags a month ago. Pristina eventually withdrew, yet the choice prompted fights in the north of Kosovo, which has an ethnic Serb greater part.

The guard serve said that President Aleksandar Vucic "requested the Serbian armed force to be on the most elevated level of battle status, that is to the level of the utilization of equipped power."

 This included supporting the quantity of unique military staff from 1,500 to 5,000.

 The Serbian armed force has been placed on uplifted alert on various occasions as of late, remembering for November when drones supposedly entered Serbian airspace from Kosovo.

Police under military order

Likewise on Friday, Serbia's Inside Clergyman Bratislav Gasic said he "requested the full battle preparation" of police and other security units and that they be put under the order of the military head of staff.

He said he followed up on the president's structure that "all actions be required to safeguard the Serbian nation in Kosovo."

Serbs represent around 120,000 individuals in Kosovo, which has a complete populace of 1.8 million individuals.

Predominately-Albanian Kosovo proclaimed autonomy from Serbia in 2008, yet Belgrade doesn't perceive this.