Recently, a second search was conducted on President Biden's personal computer and more classified documents were uncovered. 

This search was done as part of an ongoing investigation into the handling of classified information in the previous administration.

The documents were found to have been transferred from the previous administration's secure servers to the President's personal computer. 

It is still unclear how this transfer was done and who was responsible for it.

This discovery has raised concerns about the security of classified information and the potential for it to fall into the wrong hands. 

It has also sparked a debate about the use of personal computers for handling sensitive information.

The White House has stated that they are taking this matter very seriously and are working closely with law enforcement to investigate the matter. 

They have also assured the public that measures have been put in place to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

This is not the first time that classified information has been mishandled in the White House.

In the past, several high-level officials have been charged with crimes related to the mishandling of classified information.