progressive web app (PWAs)

PWAs are now simpler to find on google thanks to new search algorithm changes.

PWAs are not required to be installed by users. They can go to a PWA by going to its URL.

PWAs are able to execute background sync, which is a crucial function. 

(PWAs) speed up website loading times and enable offline functionality in apps like google maps.

(PWAs) are being used by E-commerce firms in 2022 to address a varity of business and customer- related issues. 

(PWAs) don't require batch update to be downloaded and installed because they update instantly each time a user sees them. 

(PWAs) have the same appearance, feel, and functionality of indigenous mobile apps, independently of the technologies.

PWAs' Credibility as an accessible and more practical solution has been by the quick and simple installation feature. 

When your consumers experience a network connection problem 

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