The Prachand is a 5.8-ton, Low appreciable design with decreased visual, distinct, sonar, and crimson signatures

Its aspect absurd panels for under sonar cross section and an IR overthrow for under IR signature

The helicopter has a maximum speed of 275 kmph

The helicopter has a conflict radius of 500 km

The 16,000 to 18,000 feet is adept of high-distance clash with a viable ceiling

Prachand dock wings/ordnance bombs have four weapon accessory site, two on each side

Each station can bring ATGMs or boosters, or air-to-air armament

The LCH Prachand consists of approximately 45% native content by benefit

The successively increasing to also than 55% for the Series manufacture form

The designers of the conflict helicopter seem to have expected the onset and casualty of the conflict slug in the battlespace in an aspect and to the extent that it got away from IAF and IA leadership