The vault of the Basilica was covered in fog as the cypress-wood casket containing the collection of previous Pope Benedict was brought out and put on the means confronting St Peter's Square.

There was acclaim from the devoted who had assembled for the memorial service.

Pope Francis, who directed the help, was brought out on to the dais in a wheelchair.

Church from around the world were there - cardinals in red frocks, nuns and priests in their dim robes.

 Latin serenades sung by the Sistine Church ensemble reverberated across the square. 

The temperament was serious and repressed.

Daniele, an educator, who had met the previous pontiff at a congregation in Rome, let me know the weather conditions matched the event. 

The haze addresses the secret of Pope Benedict, the secret of death and life. 

 I feel exceptionally blissful and close to home to be in St Peter's Square."

 The pope was "a significant voice in the congregation", Daniele said.

During the Mass, concelebrated via cardinals, diocesans and clerics, Pope Francis discussed "intelligence, delicacy and commitment that he offered to us throughout the long term".