Peruvian President Dina Baluarte has approached the demonstrators to stop "brutality", welcoming them to Casa de Pizarro, the seat of the Peruvian government, to examine the explanations behind their road fights.

"I expand again my hand and my open heart to take a seat at a table and discuss the necessities they are raising," expressed Boluarte in a discourse in which she was joined by her bureau.

 In this sense, the head of state reaffirmed that "this Leader" has "no other interest than to take care of the necessities of individuals".

 "I call the family who are still in the roads to mirror, we should stop the superfluous showdown and how about we take a gander at the country we need, with change and trust; how about we give a message of harmony, of lawful, political and government backed retirement so ventures and travelers come, we are a group of harmony and improvement", she stated.

 The Peruvian president expressed gratitude toward, thusly, the security powers for "safeguarding life, wellbeing and quietness" in the urban communities where fights have occurred.

 In like manner, Boluarte said thanks to those residents "who are wagering for harmony and not for viciousness, who are wagering to proceed with their typical lives, to go to work or study, inside a general public that strolls in harmony".

"Pastors are accused of having executed, by June of this current year, somewhere in the range of 50 and 60 percent of the financial plan," fully intent on arriving at the year's end with the whole spending plan.

Then again, he guaranteed that his "clergymen have the obligation to execute with straightforwardness 100% of their financial plan toward the year's end", sentencing debasement and taking care of the necessities of neighborhood states, as indicated by a public statement from the Administration of Peru.

 "The Leader of the Board of Priests has the commitment to circle back to the work completed by the pastors," he added.