Experts in Peru captured six police commanders on Monday as a component of an enemy of defilement examination.

The principal legal officer's office claimed that the commanders paid cash to ascend in rank last year, with the approval of expelled previous President Pedro Castillo.

Police directed 26 attacks as a feature of the "uber activity," the principal legal officer's office said.Former clergyman's home struck.

Previous priest's home attacked

During the strikes, police seized "archives and gadgets" at the home of Castillo's previous Guard Priest Walter Ayala.

He has denied any defilement charges.

This has been pointless, in light of the fact that they haven't tracked down anything," Ayala told journalists.

 Fights proceed

Castillo was expelled on December 7 after he moved to break down Congress in the midst of a political halt.

He has been kept and accused of disobedience.