Pelosi was born on 26 March 1940

 Pelosi made history over in January 2019 when she recovered her position second-in-line to the team

She has conducted House Democrats for 19 years and before served as House Democratic birch

Under the Biden-Harris management, Speaker Pelosi conduct the House in arrange and assuming the American relief Plan

In the 111th Congress, Speaker Pelosi conduct the House passing of the American Recovery

 In 2022, Speaker Pelosi delivered House passing of the expansion Reduction Act

In 2009, she conduct passing of the American Clean Energy and conflict the climate change and transition 

She also steady passing of the “Pelosi Amendment” in 1989

 In 2022, she became the earlier House Speaker and tall-ranking U.S. public to travel to Taiwan in a region-century

Democratic Leader Pelosi's power at the converting table wrested critical parliament victories out of the GOP majority.