Luis Fernando Camacho is the legislative head of St Nick Cruz, the country's most affluent district. He removed President Evo Spirits from power in 2019.

Mr Camacho has driven an enemy of government strike in St Nick Cruz for north of a month, carrying the district to a halt.

His allies have censured his capture as a hijacking and have rioted in fight.

Yet an explanation from the Principal legal officer's office said Mr Camacho was captured on the grounds of organizing an upset and he had known about the charges for a very long time.

The strikes Mr Camacho began have been once again defers in completing the nation's enumeration.

Graciela Ortiz, a partner for Mr Camacho who was with him during his capture, said a white watch van blocked their vehicle.

Long lines have been developing as individuals stock up on food, dreading street bars.

They didn't advise us to get out, they just hit them with the back piece of the weapons," she told the Reuters news organization.

"They tossed him to the ground, secured him, got him and took him."

After being captured, Mr Camacho was taken to a nearby air terminal to be traveled to La Paz, neighborhood media detailed.