The highly anticipated third season of "Outer Banks" is set to premiere soon, and fans of the show are excited to see what adventures the Pogues will embark on next.

One of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming season is the incredible filming locations that were used to bring the story to life.

The production of "Outer Banks" season 3 took the cast and crew to some stunning locations, including Barbados and South Carolina. 

These locations were chosen for their natural beauty and unique features that perfectly fit the story's narrative.

Barbados, known for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, was used as the setting for some of the show's most pivotal scenes. 

The stunning landscapes of Barbados provided the perfect backdrop for the Pogues' latest adventures, and fans can expect to see some breathtaking footage of the island in the upcoming season.

South Carolina, the show's home state, also played a significant role in the filming of season 3. 

The production team utilized several locations in the state to capture the unique character of the Outer Banks and bring the story to life.

One of the most exciting locations used in South Carolina was the Morris Island Lighthouse, which was used as the setting for one of the show's most iconic scenes.

The lighthouse, with its striking red and white stripes, provided the perfect setting for the Pogues' latest treasure hunt.