North Korea has been linked to the "biggest year ever" of cryptocurrency hacks.

According to cybersecurity experts, the country has been using increasingly sophisticated methods to steal digital currencies from exchanges and individuals.

In 2021, North Korean hacking groups were responsible for several major attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges, including one that resulted in the theft of over $200 million in digital assets. 

The country has also been accused of using malware to target individual crypto holders, in an effort to steal their private keys and access their funds.

Experts believe that North Korea is using the proceeds from these hacks to fund its military programs and avoid international sanctions. 

The country has been under heavy economic sanctions for decades, and the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies has provided a new avenue for the country to generate revenue.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been advised to step up their security measures to protect themselves from North Korean hacks.

This includes implementing two-factor authentication, using cold storage for digital assets, and regularly monitoring for suspicious activity on their networks.

Individual crypto holders are also encouraged to take steps to protect their assets, such as using a hardware wallet to store their private keys, regularly backing up their digital wallets, and avoiding downloading suspicious software.

Despite the efforts of security experts, North Korean hacking groups continue to be a major threat to the cryptocurrency community.