The next-gen Mercedes-AMG E63 will be powered by a new inline-six hybrid engine.

This will be a significant departure from the current V8 powerplant, and a major step towards more eco-friendly performance cars. 

The new engine will feature a turbocharged inline-six petrol unit paired with an electric motor.

The hybrid system is expected to produce more than 700 horsepower, providing brisk acceleration and plenty of power for high-speed driving. 

The electric motor will also provide instant torque for better response at low speeds. 

The new hybrid powertrain will also offer a substantial improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the current V8 engine. 

This will appeal to performance car enthusiasts who are concerned about the environment and want to minimize their carbon footprint.

The next-gen Mercedes-AMG E63 will feature advanced technologies like 48-volt mild-hybrid systems and regenerative braking. 

This will allow the car to recover energy normally lost during braking and store it in the battery for later use.

In terms of design, the new E63 is expected to receive a significant makeover, with more aggressive styling and aerodynamic elements.