The Murdaugh trial has captivated the nation's attention with its tragic and convoluted story. 

Alex Murdaugh, a prominent South Carolina lawyer, has been charged with insurance fraud and conspiracy in connection with the death of his wife and son. 

The case took a surprising turn when Murdaugh was shot in the head in what he claimed was a botched robbery. 

However, as the investigation unfolded, it was revealed that Murdaugh had allegedly orchestrated the shooting in an attempt to collect a $10 million life insurance payout.

The trial has been marked by numerous twists and turns, with new information coming to light on a regular basis. 

Recently, it was reported that a former client of Murdaugh's had confessed to hiring him to arrange his own death in an attempt to defraud a life insurance company. 

The case has shone a spotlight on the legal profession and the potential for abuse of power.

The Murdaugh family of South Carolina has been at the center of a high-profile trial that has captured national attention.

The case revolves around the deaths of Paul Murdaugh and his mother, Maggie, who were found shot to death on their property in June 2021. 

The prime suspect in the case is Paul's father, prominent attorney Alex Murdaugh.