Mark Kelly was born on 21 February 1964

Mark and Scott Kelly began their cosmonaut training in August 1996

Mark reach over to the ISS in July 2006 on the 13-day STS-121 aim as pilot of the space plane Discovery

Mark made two ensuing  flights to the ISS as aim captain 

Mark was basically  scheduled to reach at the ISS in February 2011 as captain of the space plane Endeavour’s last aim

In 2019 Mark declared  that he was running for a U.S. Senate chair from Arizona

Kelly co-founded the defense  group Americans for authority  Solutions

Incumbent Mark Kelly and Blake Masters ran in the common election for one of Arizona's U.S. Senate chairs on 08 November 2022

Kelly success a November 2020 main election ensuing  the death of U.S. Sen. John McCain 

Before joining Congress, Kelly prepared  as a U.S.