Letitia James was born on 18 October 1958

She is a Black counsel, protestor, and leader

In 1994, she managed the essential Health Care advancement Bill in the City Assembly

She slaved on New York chief Mario Cuomo's Task Force on a distinction in the court

She was selected as the earlier aide Attorney General in a complaint of the Brooklyn provincial office in 1999

In that 2003 race, James properly became a member of the active Families Party

He was the earlier citywide delegate to run entirely on the WFP line

In May 2018, James announced her application for Attorney broad of New York

He won the Democratic primary on 13 September 2018

The NRA reported a countersuit contrarily to James, indicating a comment she made during her 2018 fight

She is a member of the autonomous Party and lives in the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn

She has not at all been married