Lauren Boebert was born on 19 December 1986

  Lauren Boebert is an American leader, dealer, and gun rights, demonstrator

A member of the Republican Party, she accept as the U.S. agent for Colorado’s 3rd congressional area

U.S. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is ingratiating her earlier term as the agent for Colorado’s Third Congressional area

Through her shop in Colorado and political profession, Lauren Boebert has announced net account of $1.7 million

Lauren Boebert is married to a business boss called Jayson Boebert

She floated a campaign for Colorado's 3rd congressional area in the 2020 election

Boebert argue mask and vaccine command and posted misreport related to face masks and COVID-19 vaccines

In a contest with Democratic nominee Adam Frisch on 11 September 2022, Boebert away approval for bills she had voted on

On 31 December 2021, Boebert declared that she was exploring a second term agent Colorado's 3rd congressional area in the 2022 election