Lamar Jackson was born on 07 January 1997

Lamar Jackson is a quarterback in the Public Football Association for the Baltimore Ravens

Jackson is one of the most dangerous players to at any point play the quarterback position

Lamar Jackson was drafted with the 32nd by and large pick in the principal round of the 2018 NFL Draft

Jackson's subsequent season was far superior, as the Ravens had a noteworthy season in going 14-2 in the standard season

Jackson was named the NFL Most Important Player in 2019

Jackson is underdog to Jim Brown as far as being the most youthful player to at any point win the MVP grant in the NFL

 Jackson's total assets is assessed at $4 million, a number that stands to increment when he signs his next agreement

Lamar Jackson possesses the Ravens establishment record for the most pass endeavors without a capture as of now

Lamar Jackson has been evaluated as the quickest quarterback throughout the entire existence of the Goad computer game establishment