Kemp starts second Georgia term with new salary increase promise

Kemp emphasized his mission vows to give one more $1 billion of personal expense discounts and to give a $1.1 billion local charge refund.

Kemp said he will lead in similar design during his second four years subsequent to making his vow of office at Georgia Express College's conference community in Atlanta.

"We remained fixed on what made a difference to genuine individuals, genuine families and genuine networks across our state," Kemp said. "

The arrangement we offered citizens was that your state government ought to care very much more about safe roads, great schools and great paying position than what the savants are talking about on the link news."

Additionally sworn in were other conservative statewide authorities Kemp helped convey to triumph in November as he whipped Leftist Stacey Abrams.

Just Wednesday, South Korean firm Hanwha Arrangements reported plans for $2.5 billion in sunlight based charger plants in Georgia.

However, Kemp says he's going after a drawn out heritage project outside state government, with regards to his monetary concentration.

"I accept our prosperity over the course of the following five, 10, 15 years will be thanks to the purpose, the person, the resourcefulness of our kin, our families, our networks, our organizations, not exclusively the activities of government," Kemp said.

"Throughout the following four years, we will be centered around developing Georgia, not developing government," Kemp said.