This event celebrated in the northern part of the country

Karwa Chauth is the celebration of marriage in which the wife fasts the whole day 

As to be blessed with long and healthy life for her husband

Chaturthi Tithi start at 1:59 am on October 13 and last at 03:08 am on October 14.

The Karwa is then given as Dan to a Brahmin or any fitted woman

Karwa Chauth is also known as Karak Chaturthi in which Karwa or Karak called to the earthen pot

A fasting day noticed for Lord Ganesha

At this day, women observe fast from sunrise to moonrise and act puja and other rituals

Its a traditional thali gifted to women by their mother in-laws

The thali consist of cosmetics, jewelleries, clothes and food, which is used before the sunrise