Bumrah was born on 6 December 1993

Bumrah On 15 March 2021 married Sanjana Ganesan

Bumrah played his earlier-class cricket for Gujarat on Vidarbha in October 2013 by the 2013–14 summer

Bumrah made his IPL appearance at 19-years of age

Bumrah made his appearance for the Indian cricket team at a T20I on 27 January 2016 in Australia

Bumrah made his ODI appearance on 30 August 2016 vs West Indies

Bumrah has been called as defect-leader of the Indian ODI team in the India circuit of South Africa 2022

Bumrah played a basic role amid the India circuit of Australia 2018

Bumrah was called in India’s band for the Cricket World trophy 2019

The International Cricket assembly named him as one of the five appealing geniuses making their Cricket World trophy appearance