Jacques Rougeau was born on 13 June 1960

Jacques Rougeau is a Canadian competent wrestler from St. Sulpice, Quebec

Jacques Rougeau began his profession in 1977, working in Stu Hart's Calgary, Alberta form Stampede Wrestling advertising

In the 1980s he start wrestling in the union States

The attain won in Alabama and Tennessee, and in 1985 he was write by the World Wrestling association, along with Ray

After three years in the association, the awesome Rougeaus aid in a almost groundbreaking list angle

In 1990, Jacques lost association for a year back replaced as "The Mountie", a client of manager Jimmy Hart

On 26 August 1991, the Mountie consume a night in jail after The Big Bossman conquer him in a Jailhouse Match at Summer Slam

In 1997, Jacques connect a select few when he cleanly conquer Hulk Hogan in a individual match in the Bell beneath in Montreal

Jacques is just a trainer and a battling advertiser