ORLANDO, Fla. —As of 5 a.m., with help from the National Hurricane inside, 98-L became steamy Depression Nine

Tropical Depression Nine was moving northwest at 13 MPH with best constant winds of 35 mph

It is predicted to become a tropical rain by Friday evening

On Monday, it could become a division 1 hurricane as it accepts a northerly curve almost the Gulf of Mexico

And by Tuesday morning, healing to a division 2 storm

WESH 2 astrology Kellianne Klass said. "This storm is predicted to enhance into a tropical rain back on Friday as it moves constantly the epicurean

Further reduction is predicted at the creation of next week as it moves against the point of Florida

The last track has the storm build landfall previous Wednesday morning elsewhere between the seaboard and SW Florida

Depending on how active this storm moves, we could even see lingering clashes into Thursday

The National Weather Service advised the Florida community and visitors to choose reserves and carry tracking the augury