Hilaree Nelson born 13 December 1972

She is an American ski climber

On 25 May 2012 is the earliest female to apex two 8000-meter mountains in one 24 hour shove

Nelson is a public Geographic pioneers allocation beneficiary, and has been a member of above 40 travels

The earlier ski extraction on Baffin and South Georgia haven, Argentina, Kamchatka, Russia, the Tetons, and more

In inclusion, her creation has been advertised in such publications as Public Geographic experience, The Ski dairy, exterior dairy, and more

Named one of Public Geographic’s 2018 explorers of the Year

Nelson and her friend, Jim Morrison, were skiing over the apex of rise Manaslu in Nepal on 26 September2022

 Nelson moved into a hole that was about 2,000 feet huge. 

Nelson died 26 september 2022