Hurricane Ian was developing powerfully

As it blasted toward the state on a track to blow Florida’s west beach as a main hurricane as soon as Wednesday

Lan was able to blow the western tip of the state as a main hurricane

The hurricane inside expected areas of Cuba’s western beach would see as much as 14 feet of storm flow Monday night or previous Tuesday

Havana citizen Adyz Ladron, 35, said the possibility of rising water from the storm doubted him

The inside of the hurricane goes to the west of the Cayman Islands

A flow of up to 10 feet of sea water and 10 inches of rain was expected over the Tampa Bay space

 Flash flooding was expected for a lot of the Florida peninsula

Heavy rainfall was available for the southeast United States after this week

The hurricane inside has cautious Floridians to have continuity plans in the area and advise improvement of the storm’s aging line