Earthquakes in China's province Sichuan 

Earthquake with the depth of 16 kilometer, of 6.8 magnitude reported in Southwest of Sichuan's capital Chengdu on monday. 

Tremors of  earthquake were noticed at 12.25 pm according to local time.

It was tracked at 29.59 degrees north latitude and 102.08 degress east latitude.

Quavering was felt in the city and also in Chongqing which is in the east.

Sichuan City has got hit by Covid and historical drought also.

Already there have been heat waves and droughts that reduced hydropower generation in the area.

This city with the population of 21 million is getting affecting by natural calamities and power issues.

According to center after some mintues a secong earthquake was felt with 4.2 magnitude near Luding.

According to sources it has killed seven people and activated landslides.