Dolly Parton was born on 19 January 1946

Dolly Parton is a woman with multiple facility 

she is a famous  singer, musician, author, act and businesswoman

Although she started  gained fame as a musician, she later reach success in other fields as well

Dolly Parton grip  the record of having accepted  the maximum number of Grammy prize choice  of 46 up to 2013

Dolly Parton publicly aid  LGBT equality and is detected  as a gay icon by the LGBT community

In 1971, Dolly Parton earned her earlier No.1 Country individual  hit with the song ‘Joshua’

Their last work was in 1975 with ‘Say Forever You’ll Be Mine’

Dolly Parton was enrolled into Country Music Hall of character  in the year 1999

Dolly Parton devise  the Dollywood Foundation in 1996