Dahmer was born in 1960, in stalky, Wisconsin, to a buzzer machine guide and an expert

Dahmer was attentive to dead animals, particularly animal bones, from a previous age

He consumes densely and calls alcohol his “medicine” to associate

Having already been muted, he started delivering fake beasts and derisive people with brainly paralysis

One day in June, he preferred up 18-year-old fare Steven Mark Hicks

He later drilled up the body so he could destroy it in acid and mash and discard the bones

In 1992, Dahmer was under arrest for life

He was given 15 ensuing life sentences and told he would not at all be suitable for pardon

Dahmer said: “I never wanted ability. directly, I wanted death for personality. I knew I was sick or destructive or both

On 28 November, 1994, Dahmer was abused to death by Chris Scarver, a fellow convict at the Columbia correcting Institution in carting, Wisconsin