President Joe Biden is set to host the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, for talks on technology and Ukraine. 

The meeting is scheduled to take place at the White House, and is expected to focus on a range of issues, including the future of technology and its role in the global economy, as well as the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

The talks between the two leaders will also likely touch on the importance of international cooperation in addressing global challenges, such as climate change and cybersecurity. 

The Netherlands is known for being a leader in various fields of technology and as a country that has a strong trade relationship with the United States. 

The talks will also likely discuss the future of digital trade and how to ensure a level-playing field for companies in both countries.

Ukraine is also expected to be a key topic of discussion during the meeting. 

The Netherlands has been a strong supporter of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the talks will likely focus on ways to support Ukraine in the face of ongoing aggression from Russia.

The meeting between President Biden and Prime Minister Rutte is expected to strengthen the already strong relationship between the United States and the Netherlands, and to reaffirm the two countries' commitment to working together to address global challenges.

It's worth mentioning that the meeting comes at a time when the US is trying to strengthen its relations with Europe, and the Netherlands is seen as a key partner for the US in this regard. 

The talks will likely set the tone for future cooperation between the two countries on various fronts.