Barbarian was born in 1950 in Rabat, Morocco, accordingly a French province

Bishop Robert de Provenchères of Créteil was ordained on 17 December 1977.

After 2002 he remained Archbishop of Lyon, France.

In 2003 barbarin was made a cardinal.

 Barbarian was appointed bishop of moulins on 1 October 1998.

Barbarian was titled Archbishop of Lyon on 16 July 2002

He is acceptable to cooperate in any conference that creates on or back his 80th Celebration on 17 October 2030.

He was a cardinal-elder of SS. 

Cardinal Barbarin endured a solitary heart closure in the event from Lyon to 2013 nature cub Day in Rio de Janeiro

As is traditional for archbishops of Lyon, Monsignor Barbarin was efficiently raised to the ministry.