Bad Bunny was born on 10 March 1994

Bad Bunny is a renowned Puerto Rican trap and reggaeton craftsman

He then worked together with J Balvin and Sovereign Royce

Bad Bunny is additionally credited with making Latin snare well known among music sweethearts across the world

He acquired noticeable quality as a snare vocalist when his melody 'Diles' grabbed the eye of DJ Luian of 'Hear This Music

Bad Bunnyturned into a normal craftsman for the record mark 'Hear this Music' and furthermore began working together with famous performers

Awful Rabbit additionally delivered his single 'TĂș No Allots Cabra' on November 2017, which took the 38th spot in 'Hot Latin Melodies' diagram

On Spotify, Terrible Rabbit draws in 5.7 million audience members consistently

Bad Bunny is one of the go-to specialists as numerous well known artists have teamed up with him