In today's transfer market, where record-breaking transfers are becoming more frequent, there has been a growing debate about the value of certain players. 

Many have argued that the £80m fee paid for Jefferson Lerma by Leicester City is an overpriced transfer, and that the £12m fee paid for Jorginho by Chelsea is a better value.

However, the argument that paying £80m for Caicedo is better than £12m for Jorginho is, in fact, bonkers.

Jorginho has proved to be a valuable asset to Chelsea's midfield, and his consistent performances have been instrumental in their success in recent years. 

In contrast, Caicedo has struggled to adapt to the pace and physicality of the Premier League and has not been able to replicate his form in South America.

Jorginho was signed by Chelsea as a key part of their new manager's strategy, and he was seen as an important piece in their rebuild. 

In contrast, Caicedo was signed by Leicester City as a backup option, and it's unlikely that he will ever be a regular starter in their team.

Additionally, Jorginho's age and experience should also be considered. 

At 28 years old, Jorginho has several years of top-level experience and has proven himself to be a reliable player. 

Caicedo, on the other hand, is still only 24 and has yet to establish himself as a top player.